CATEGORY : Branding
ART DIRECTOR ​​​: Sean Bacon, Bradford Prairie   
CLIENT : Hospitality
DURATION : 4 Weeks

Ava Hotels, a contemporary hotel brand, reflects a tranquil desert environment. Hotel Selmark, the flagship hotel, is located in Palm Springs, Ca. The hotel brand takes a modern approach to hospitality creating spacious settings with a relaxed environment giving the guest a sense of escapism. Catering to a demographic of 49-61 businessmen, the brand provides amenities that invite guests to kick up their feet after a long day.
To communicate the contemporary fresh spirit of the brand, I created a custom modular typeface for the logo using a warm color palette inspired by the serene surroundings of Palm Springs. I also developed a slogan and brand voice that would give the guest a sense of retreat. Ava hotels is driven by business class standards while offering sense of relief during the weekend. The website interface is straight forward and easy to navigate. The graphic elements are wide open, allowing potential guests freedom to roam and inspire a journey on the open road.

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