PROJECT : Restaurant                  
CATEGORY : Branding
ART DIRECTOR ​​​​​​: Sean Bacon, Bradford Prairie   
CLIENT : Hospitality
DURATION : 4 Weeks
Flatbush is a punk rock inspired classic Brooklyn dive bar located in the heart of Golden Hill, San Diego. The brand embodies working class values and grit, with a target audience of young professionals, ages 29-42, with a focus on neighborhood values. The bar maintains a low to medium price range with down-to-earth, utilitarian attitude.

I chose grey and red to symbolize the grit and attitude of the working class Brooklyn punk rock style. I also choose a heavy sans serif font for the logo and body copy to fit the same persona. I flooded the back of the menu with classic punk rock bands shot in New York city circa 1970’s for authenticity and nostalgia. I cut the menu on a hard, gritty card stock to get the same feeling. I created the logo using custom extended typography and applied it with a top/bottom bleed for attitude.

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