PROJECT : Book Covers
CATEGORY: Illustration
ART DIRECTOR ​​​​​​: Sean Bacon, Bradford Prairie  
CLIENT ​​​​​​: Editorial
DURATION : 4 Weeks
Southern House Publishing was looking to release a collecter’s edition book set from iconic American writer Kurt Vonnegut’s three most popular novels. To reach the demographic of 25-42, independent readers, the covers needed to be illustrative and bold to stand out on the bookshelves.

For the covers, I searched for a bold and unique way to recreate the powerful American/anti-American messages portrayed in his work. This project had to be strong, eye catching and questioning to the mind. I choose an illustrative approach with bold outlines and limited color palette to get that across. I chose to hand create the book titles based on the edgeiness and era of the book. On the cover for Slaughter House Five, I choose a block sans-serif approach to symbolize the era and overall aproach of the novel. For Breakfast of Champions, I chose a classic American horror style. For Cat’s Cradle I decided to use a hand script style cursive for the classic nature in the book.

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