PROJECT : Corporate Rebrand
ART DIRECTOR ​​​: Sean Bacon, Bradford Prairie   
CLIENT : Financial
DURATION : 4 Weeks 
I decided to do a corporate rebrand of the local credit union, SDCCU. I started with researching the brands history, credibility, and voice. After an overall brand audit, I found a few flaws and found the urge to create a fresh rebrand.  Since there where many positive aspects to their voice, advertisements, and logo, I wanted to keep close to the brands overall identity but add a few improvements.

I started with the brands color. Choosing a richer Pantone Navy Blue and a Pantone Sea Foam Green gives it a little more pop and symbolizes our oceanic and military presence. The iconic and recognizable sailboat in the original design seems trapped with the lack of white space. By getting rid of the block/ base and blowing up the sails gives it a defined clear space. I also changed the name to all lowercase to give it more credibility and more friendly feel. I rewrote the brands big idea from “It’s not big banking it's better” to “local banking made better.” Simplifying the big idea places a focus on the core of the Mission. In addition, the brand guidelines and core values were rewritten to align to these improvements.

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