PROJECT : Rebrand
CATEGORY : Crest Logo
ART DIRECTOR ​​​: Sean Bacon, Bradford Prairie   
CLIENT : Education
DURATION : 4 Weeks
Established in 1882 San Diego High is one of the oldest schools on the West Coast. Having changed names three times without a new crest logo in over 50 + years I decided to rebrand the logo. With a Rich History in Culture and Values, I decided the crest needed a complete overhaul to further its iconic heritage and overall placement in this modern era. The project required a lot of research, sketching, and mood boarding to make this work.

The visual hierarchy of the new crest is improved by centering the grey castle as the base also grouping the waves, compass, and scene which symbolize varied aspects of the school and geographic location. These items are now intertwined, to simplify the overall feel of the brand. the compass was set at the top and Castle was centered to show the base of the schools’ heritage, all the line weights were unified and knocked out to give the crest a modern style. 

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